C# in Depth

Table of Contents (4th edition)

Here's a more detailed table of contents for the third edition of C# in Depth than the "about" page can reasonably be expected to provide.

Part one

Part one provides a brief history of the language.

Chapter 1: C# in Context

Part two

Part two describes C# versions 2 through 5. This is effectively a rewritten and condensed form of the third edition of this book.

Chapter 2: C# 2

Chapter 3: C# 3: LINQ and everything that comes with it

Chapter 4: C# 4: Improving interoperability

Chapter 5: Writing asynchronous code

Chapter 6: Async implementation

Chapter 7: C# 5 bonus features

Part three

Part three describes C# 6 in detail.

Chapter 8: Super-sleek properties and expression-bodied members

Chapter 9: Stringy features

Chapter 10: A smörgåsbord of features for concise code

Part four

Part four addresses C# 7 (all the way up to C# 7.3) and completes the book by peering a short distance into the future.

Chapter 11: Composition using tuples

Chapter 12: Deconstruction and pattern matching

Chapter 13: Improving efficiency with more pass by reference

Chapter 14: Concise code in C# 7

Chapter 15: C# 8 and beyond

Appendix: language features by version