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I have worked hard to keep C# in Depth error-free, but mistakes are bound to occur. Some of these may be technical errors, some may be typesetting mistakes or even just suggested changes in wording or layout for future editions. Clicking on a chapter name will show you all the errata for that chapter; clicking on an individual note will show you just that one. Alternatively, you can see all the errata on one page.

Chapter 1: The changing face of C# development

Chapter 2: Core foundations: building on C# 1

Chapter 3: Parameterized typing with generics

Chapter 4: Saying nothing with nullable types

Chapter 8: Cutting fluff with a smart compiler

Chapter 12: LINQ beyond collections

Chapter 13: Minor changes to simplify code (C# 4)

Chapter 15: Asynchrony with async/await

Chapter 16: C# 5 bonus features and closing thoughts