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About this site, and C# in Depth

Welcome to the companion web site to C# in Depth.

C# in Depth is a book for those who are passionate about C#. It aims to be a bridge between the existing introductory books and the language specification: something readable but detailed, exploring every aspect of the language from version 2 onwards. In the interests of brevity, it doesn't spend much time on C# 1 - readers are already expected to know the first version at least reasonably. Every new feature from C# 2 onwards is covered, however, as shown in the table of contents below.

One of my hobbies is helping other developers on sites such as Stack Overflow; before Stack Overflow came along, I used to post a lot on the C# newsgroups. I've come to appreciate that whatever technologies you might use on top of C# - MVC, WPF, Windows Forms, etc - if you don't have a firm grasp of the language, you'll find it a lot harder. My hope is that C# in Depth helps readers to really "grok" the language, so they feel they're working in tandem with the compiler rather than fighting against it; making the most of new features instead of constantly being caught out by subtle "gotcha" behaviour.

Table of Contents (3rd edition)