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Naming of imaginary companies and products

Chapter 11: Query expressions and LINQ to Objects: 11.1.3

Created: 3/5/2008
Last updated: 3/5/2008

The fictional company was originally called Skeetysoft, but Eric reckons that "PascalCasing is the coolest casing". Who am I to argue, beyond pointing out that he works for Microsoft rather than MicroSoft? ;)

Additionally, I'm somewhat inconsistent in my choice of naming for products. Currently SkeetySoft is competing with Microsoft (SkeetyOffice/SkeetyMediaPlayer) and Google (SkeetyTalk). I should either have been consistently challenging Microsoft by calling my chat application SkeetyMessenger, or perhaps decided to throw down the gauntlet to Apple as well, with SkeetyTunes as the media app. Good job this is all in my mind, otherwise I'm sure the relevant CEOs would all be quaking in their boots.