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Introducing LINQ

Chapter 8: Cutting fluff with a smart compiler: 8.5.1

Created: 3/3/2008
Last updated: 3/3/2008

LINQ is complicated. It requires a lot of somewhat intertwined features, some of which don't make much sense until you see the bigger picture. Eric suggested that the "bottom up" way I've approached it in the book is possibly best for a book, and that a "top down" approach works better in a live presentation.

I've tried to present in a top down manner, and not been terribly successful - but I can do the bottom up style fairly easily, given enough time and an interested audience. I suspect this has more to do with my presentation skills - and frankly the experience of writing the book in a bottom up manner - than it has to do with the soundness of the idea itself. I'll be keeping an eye out for how other presenters tackle the topic. Feedback is welcome.