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Town or city?

Chapter 8: Cutting fluff with a smart compiler: 8.3.1

Created: 3/3/2008
Last updated: 3/3/2008

In listing 8.2, the Location class has a country and a town. It was noted that most people - at least in the US and Canada - would usually have chosen "city" instead of "town". It's possible that this is a US/UK distinction, as in the UK it's feasible to tell people from elsewhere in the country the name of a reasonably large town you're close to and give more information than just the closest city.

The most practical reason for my choice, however, is that I wanted to distinguish between Purley and Reading in the example, while sticking with Tom and his friends for data. In fact, Purley is more of a village than a town, but if we'd gone with "city" I'd have needed a different set of people entirely.