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Private - explicit or implicit?

Chapter 7: Concluding C# 2: the final features: 7.3

Created: 2/24/2008
Last updated: 2/24/2008

I've already mentioned that Eric and I disagree over whether or not to include the private modifier when it's not needed. To refresh your memory, my point of view is that by omitting the modifier when something is as private as it can be, you draw attention to other members which are less private. Here's Eric's rebuttal:

By calling it out explicitly every time, I let the maintenance programmer who may not have the rules memorized know up front what the visibility is.

Also, making it explicit says "I made this private by design". If it is missing then you cannot tell whether it was private by design or by accident.

I'm not hugely worried by the first point, but the second is quite convincing. I'm still thinking it over, but I could end up changing my mind :)