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Are using directives really harmless?

Chapter 1: The changing face of C# development: 1.4.2

Created: 1/22/2008
Last updated: 1/22/2008

Snippy is a simple beast. It has a set of namespaces configured, and will emit a using directive for each of them when compiling code. I claim in the book that this is harmless - but is it really?

In the context of Snippy, it's reasonably okay - but it's worth being aware of the consequences of using directives in C# 3, where they not only introduce types, but also extension methods.

It's fairly easy to come up with examples where the presence or absence of a using directive can drastically affect behaviour - and it's not obvious that this is the case just from the directive itself. Personally I like to trim unnecessary using directives wherever I can in real code.