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Errata for Chapter 4: Saying nothing with nullable types

P110, section 4.2.2: Missing space in section title

The section heading for 4.2.2 is missing a space between "Nullable<T>" and "and". It should of course be: "Boxing Nullable<T> and unboxing".

P110, section 4.2.2: Incorrect arrow in listing

The first annotation in listing 4.2 - "Boxes nullable with value" - has an arrow pointing at the first line of code in the listing. It should actually point at the second line of code (object boxed = nullable;) as that's the line where boxing occurs.

P117, section 4.3.3: Incorrect section reference

The final bullet on page 117 refers to section 4.3.6 for the behaviour of & and |, but these are actually described in section 4.3.4.