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Errata for Chapter 2: Core foundations: building on C# 1

P33, figure 2.2: Incorrect figure included

Figure 13.1 has accidentally been included again as figure 2.2. The real figure 2.2 should look like this:

Figure 2.2 - delegate combination

This is not an issue in the printed book, fortunately - and will be fixed in a future version of the ebook, to be distributed soon.

P35, section 2.1.3: Incorrect link

The short link used in the second paragraph of page 35 goes to the wrong web page - one about parameter passing. Unfortunately the same link is used on page 47, so I can't just change the target of the short link.

The link should reference my page on events and delegates.

P37, footnote 8: The bizarrely emphasized "u"

For some reason, footnote 8 on page 37 contains this phrase, with this formatting:

but this doesn't affect C# 1's status of being statically typed

Obviously the "u" shouldn't be italicized here.

P51, section 2.4.1: "principle" vs "principal" failure

The final sentence of page 51 reads:

Indeed, generics form one of the principle enhancements to the type system, which we'll look at next.

Oops - this should be principal instead:

Indeed, generics form one of the principal enhancements to the type system, which we'll look at next.