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Errata for Chapter 8: Cutting fluff with a smart compiler

P212 and P213: Incorrect variable type claim

At the bottom of page 212, I use an example of:

var args = Environment.CommandLine;

and claim that args would be of type string[]. However, it would be of type string because that's the type of Environment.CommandLine. The same mistake is propagated on page 213, where I provide examples of using implicitly typed local variables for control structures, including this one:

foreach (var s in Environment.CommandLine)

I claim that s is of type string - but it would actually be of type char because string implements IEnumerable<char>.

The fix to both of these problems is simple - just replace the troublesome calls to Environment.CommandLine with Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() which really does return a string[]. The rest of the text is then accurate, and indeed it's the original meaning I intended.

P225, figure 8.3: Curious change in picture

In the published version of the book, the code in the foreach loop in figure 8.3 looks like this:

foreach (var person in family)
    totleAge += person.Age;

Note the typo - totle instead of total. The really odd thing is, I don't know how that mistake came about. Every copy of the image that I can find has the correct variable name. In particular, it would have had a red squiggle underneath it in its current form. Very strange. Anyway, here's what it should look like:

Fixed figure 8.3