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I've been fortunate enough to speak about C# here and there. These days, most talks are recorded too, so if you're interested in hearing and seeing me, this is your opportunity. My presentation style varies significantly from talk to talk - these days I tend to write "slides" by just making simple freehand drawings; some talks are all done in Visual Studio, others don't use VS at all. In some cases the talk is recorded on video, which is always handy. I'll publish or link to whatever materials I can, but sometimes there may be a significant gap between the talk itself and videos being made available. If I haven't published slides or code for a talk you're particularly interested in, mail me and I'll see what I can do.


NDC 2010, June 16th-18th 2010

Slides coming when I find some time - the videos are available to stream or download. Search for Skeet to find me.

Epicenter 2010, June 9th 2010

I want to rework the Noda Time talk a bit before posting it... maybe after Oslo. Anyway, the C# Corner Cases talk didn't have any slides, just code:

DDD8, Reading, January 30th 2010

There were no slides beyond the agenda, so there's just the code. The talk was recorded - I'll add a link here when the video is published.

Dublin "Epicenter" Irish Software Developer conference, August 28th/29th 2009: C# 4, Code Contracts and Parallel Extensions

Each zip file contains a bland PowerPoint presentation with just bullet points, and the hand-drawn slides I used to present them. I'm not quite sure how well they work together without me actually presenting, but hopefully they're better than nothing.

Woking DevEvening, March 5th 2009: Myths of .NET and C#

Reading, November 22nd 2008: LINQ to Obejcts in 60 minutes

London, November 19th 2008: Push LINQ

Copenhagen, October 30th 2008: General talking about C# (all day!)