+265Wednesday, April 16
+50Why .NET group by is (much) slower when the number of buckets grows
+20Async and Visual Studio failure handling
+15Does protobuf java support initialization from text?
+10"implements Runnable" vs. "extends Thread"
+10SELECT statement for the "length" of the field is greater than 1
+10Is there any quick way to get the last two characters in a string?
+10Is the "decimal" type in C# binary-coded-decimal?
+10Read bytes between specific offsets in java
+10Does protobuf java support initialization from text?
+10What is the best way to return an error from a function when I'm already returning a value?
+10Generic Constraints on function
+10Why use String.Concat() in C#?
+10C#.NET: Convert Icon to byte[] and back again
+10When to use ref and when it is not necessary in C#
+10Does JUnit execute test cases sequentially?
+10Validating timezone in Java and throwing exception
+10Performance concern: StringCollection vs List<String>
+10ReSharper warns: "Static field in generic type"
+10Java generics - type erasure - when and what happens
+10Combine paths in Java
+10Type safety: Unchecked cast

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