+230Thursday, May 21
+20What is a serialVersionUID and why should I use it?
+20output streams buffered output streams appending
+15Why can't I add extra argument validation in the subclass constructor?
+15Why am I getting a weird results from my scaleImage method?
+12Breaking out of nested loops in Java
+10Singleton by Jon Skeet clarification
+10Why is subtracting these two times (in 1927) giving a strange result?
+10What is the difference between a URI, a URL and a URN
+10JIT stands for Just In Time compiler. what is the meaning of compiler here
+10Multi value Dictionary
+10Redirect System.out.println to Log4J, while keeping class name information
+10Remove last character of a StringBuilder?
+10Why do we have String class, if StringBuilder or StringBuffer can do what a String does?
+10Why System.IO.File.Exists(string path) returns false?
+10Quickest way to compare two List<>
+10Where is array's length property defined?
+10When is it acceptable to call GC.Collect?
+10Serialize NodaTime JSON
+10Why is char[] preferred over String for passwords?
+5Missing XML comment for publicly visible type or member
+5Curious null-coalescing operator custom implicit conversion behaviour
-2Why aren't there macros in C#?

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