+306Tuesday, May 24
+30How does ToList() on an IEnumerable work?
+15C# Generic Shorthand and Upcasting
+15Will the compiler create extra strings if a string reference is set to strings in quotes?
+15Linq - group by multiple column not working, lambda syntax
+15Singleton implementation laziness with static constructor
+15C# "No way to resolve conflict between X and Y"
+15C# DateTime to SQL DateTime losing precision
+15StreamWriter ReadLine method hangs program
+10How do I call one constructor from another in Java?
+10StreamWriter ReadLine method hangs program
+10How does linq Last() work?
+10Sorting a Dictionary in place with respect to keys
+10Editing dictionary values in a foreach loop
+10Can constructors throw exceptions in Java?
+10Resurrection difference in using Object Initializer
+10Inherited global variable cannot be accessed
+10Difference between namespace in C# and package in Java
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+10Orderby in generic list
+10working with unintialized variables in C#
+10Delete all images added to canvas
+3Make a negative number positive in Java
-2Free private svn anyone?

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