+231Sunday, March 26
+20Singleton Design Pattern-Java
+20Why do most serializers use a stream instead of a byte array?
+15Singleton Design Pattern-Java
+15Long running initialisation of class fields in constructor
+10Why is subtracting these two times (in 1927) giving a strange result?
+10OrderBy descending in Lambda expression?
+10Can enums be subclassed to add new elements?
+10Calculate MD5 checksum for a file
+10How to really read text file from classpath in Java
+10Easiest way to Rotate a List in c#
+10Key existence check in HashMap
+10C# producer/consumer
+10C# iterate through 2d array
+10Maintaining order in HashMap
+10Get weekofweekyear in NodaTime core
+10We need to lock a .NET Int32 when reading it in a multithreaded code?
+10KeyEvent not firing?
+10"implements Runnable" vs. "extends Thread"
+10Why float is not considered as an integral type?
+10How do I use a PriorityQueue?
+2Java generics - type erasure - when and what happens
+1How do you find the last day of the month?
-2What makes the Visual Studio debugger stop evaluating a ToString override?

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