+245Saturday, July 23
+40Proper conversion to enum
+15Parse string to localdatetime
+15Cannot implicitly convert 'System.TimeSpan?' to 'System.TimeSpan'
+15Proper conversion to enum
+10"implements Runnable" vs. "extends Thread"
+10scheduleAtFixedRate vs scheduleWithFixedDelay
+10Where is array's length property defined?
+10Why use TagBuilder instead of StringBuilder?
+10Should JUnit tests be javadocced?
+10Are getters and setters poor design? Contradictory advice seen
+10Group by in LINQ
+10Base 64 encode and decode example code
+10What is the difference between GA, RC and M2 release?
+10Get the Description Attributes At Class Level
+10Connecting an input stream to an outputstream
+10Breaking out of nested loops in Java
+10Why derived class overriding method should not be more restrictive than base class in java?
+10Replace all occurences of a String using StringBuilder?
+10WaitAll vs WhenAll
+10Private inner classes in C# - why aren't they used more often?

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