+321Thursday, November 27
+20Is there any automatic way to sync values of objects
+20What is the use of multiple main methods?
+15Why specifying a generic argument as interface is not an error with a class constraint?
+15How to use the Java 8 Duration.of(amount, unit) method?
+15Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion Form
+15JodaTime throws IllegalArgumentException with Date string from EXIF metadata
+15awt Frame constructor not accepting naming of GraphicsConfiguration class
+15Multiple quotes cause PipedOutputStream/OutputStreamWriter to fail
+15Cannot use a lambda expression as an argument to a dynamically dispatched operation without first casting it to a delegate or expression tree type
+15Read multiple lines with StreamReader with StreamReader.Peek
+10Make a negative number positive in Java
+10What is the difference between a reference type and value type in c#?
+10How can I make a single instance form (not application)?
+10When using reflection to get at properties, How can I limit my search to just the subclass I'm interested in?
+10How to generate a random String in Java
+10What is a serialVersionUID and why should I use it?
+10Get correct string position C#
+10How to get file content in java?
+10How do I write a linq query against a ListCollectionView?
+10How to do a join in linq to sql with method syntax?
+10How to Increment a class Integer references value in java from another method
+10Task vs Thread differences
+10Why is super.super.method(); not allowed in Java?
+10How to check whether the path is relative or absolute in java
+10Passing Iterator to method
+10javax vs java package
+1What is the Groovy truth of an empty closure?

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