+215Saturday, November 28
+65How does C# know what type the literal is?
+30Why is subtracting these two times (in 1927) giving a strange result?
+15add object to list with properties at same time
+10Is List<Dog> a subclass of List<Animal>? Why aren't Java's generics implicitly polymorphic?
+10C# string reference type?
+10Why is char[] preferred over String for passwords in Java?
+10Is it possible to assign a base class object to a derived class reference with an explicit typecast in C#?
+10Encoding to use to convert Bytes array to String and vice-versa
+10Math Round to always upper integer
+10How does the C# compiler detect COM types?
+10How to convert linq results to HashSet or HashedSet
+10+= operator for Delegate
+10Using Git with Visual Studio
+5How does the C# compiler detect COM types?

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