+231Monday, December 05
+50Shift all character-codes inside a String by a constant value
+15Fast IEnumerable<enum1> to List<enum2> convertation
+15Shift all character-codes inside a String by a constant value
+10How do I call one constructor from another in Java?
+10Make a negative number positive in Java
+10Func vs. Action vs. Predicate
+10LINQ's Distinct() on a particular property
+10Convert float to double without losing precision
+10Is it ok if I omit curly braces in Java?
+10Adding attributes to an XML node
+10Create whole path automatically when writing to a new file
+10when does Python allocate new memory for identical strings?
+10Convert an array to dictionary with value as index of the item and key as the item itself
+10Is there an Eclipse line-width marker?
+10How to compare DateTime without time via LINQ?
+10Method can be made static, but should it?
+10Is there any reason to assign an event to a local variable before raising it?
+10MySQL NOW() -1 Day
+2Create a Path from String in Java7
+1Creating a byte array from a stream
-2Random floating point double in Inclusive Range

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