+245Sunday, July 05
+40Why a double-type variable returns Nan?
+15C# to VB.NET Conversion : 'Take (of T)' Error
+15Why a double-type variable returns Nan?
+15C# byte type and literals
+10C# to VB.NET Conversion : 'Take (of T)' Error
+10Should I learn about data structures and algorithms first or the programming language Java first?
+10Does C# have extension properties?
+10Randomly reading structs from a binary file
+10Creating Uri from base without trailing slash and relative parts
+10Sequence contains no matching element
+10Optimizing Lookups: Dictionary key lookups vs. Array index lookups
+10How to iterate through range of Dates in Java?
+10Creating a comma separated list from IList<string> or IEnumerable<string>
+10Static Initialization Blocks
+10Force decimal point (".") as separator in java
+10Immutable vs Unmodifiable collection
+10Why seal a class?
+10Which is faster, equalsIgnoreCase or compareToIgnoreCase
+10C# Abstract Method Inheritance and Hiding Methods Unintentionally
+10Equivalent of typedef in C#
+2String.replace() not replacing characters
-2Why is super.super.method(); not allowed in Java?

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