+230Thursday, September 18
+30How does adding a break in a while loop resolve overload ambiguity?
+15Will an inner class get GC'ed if enclosing type reference is maintained?
+15Will String.getBytes("UTF-16") return the same result on all platforms?
+10How do I call one constructor from another in Java?
+10Breaking out of nested loops in Java
+10LINQ: What does All() return if there is no element?
+10Creating a byte array from a stream
+10Java: How do I use a PriorityQueue?
+10In Java, are enum types inside a class static?
+10Does UTC observe daylight saving time?
+10Get timezone from DateTime
+10what is DTD exactly?
+10T in class? AddRange ICollection?
+10When comparing two Integers in Java does auto-unboxing occur?
+10How to get the second element alone from a list which contains 2 elements in
+10Unit Testing: Logging and Dependency Injection
+10Why is boxing a primitive value-type in .NET uncached, unlike Java?
+10Most efficient way to reverse a stack and add to an ArrayList
+10Do objects encapsulate data so that not even other instances of the same class can access the data?
+10How do determine if an object is locked (synchronized) so not to block in Java?
+2C# equivalent to java's wait and notify?
-2Query an XDocument for elements by name at any depth

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