+215Wednesday, September 20
+60Array declaration and assigning values to individual slots of Arrays
+15Which is better performance wise: Union of several similar lists, or Distinct on a really big list with lots of duplicates?
+10Intersection of two sets in most optimized way
+10The ':' character, hexadecimal value 0x3A, cannot be included in a name
+10Use LINQ to move item to top of list
+10Instantiate enum class
+10Protocol buffers detect type from raw message
+10URLConnection Doesn't Follow Redirect
+10Why can't I use System.ValueType as a generics constraint?
+10Pass multiple optional parameters to a C# function
+10Multi value Dictionary
+10How to convert List<Integer> to int[] in Java?
+10Is there a C# alternative to Java's vararg parameters?
+10In what order does a C# for each loop iterate over a List<T>?
+10How to Convert DataSet to DataTable
+10Create library targeting .Net Framework 4.5 and .Net Standard

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