+200Sunday, August 30
+10Why is subtracting these two times (in 1927) giving a strange result?
+10What is the difference between Expression.Variable() and Expression.Parameter()?
+10Is List<Dog> a subclass of List<Animal>? Why aren't Java's generics implicitly polymorphic?
+10Getting path relative to the current working directory?
+10Setting time to 23:59:59
+10Writing string at the same position using Console.Write in C# 2.0
+10How to debug program that pass argument to Main?
+10How do I call one constructor from another in Java?
+10How do I safely cast a System.Object to a `bool` in C#?
+10How do I count the number of occurrences of a char in a String?
+10When do you need to explicitly call a superclass constructor?
+10Java check to see if a variable has been initialized
+10loop's counter i as I++ vs. i+1 as position in an array
+10Weird generics error
+10Detecting if a string is all CAPS
+10Calculate MD5 checksum for a file
+10What is the fastest way to iterate through individual characters in a string in C#?
+10Can enums be subclassed to add new elements?
+10What is SuppressWarnings ("unchecked") in Java?
+10Why use the 'ref' keyword when passing an object?

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