+275Monday, December 22
+20What does new [] mean
+15Noda Time Countdown
+15understand MSIL of try catch finally
+15Get deterministic values from SecureRandom?
+15Open file, read as hex and convert it to ASCII?
+15What does new [] mean
+10What is a serialVersionUID and why should I use it?
+10How do I dynamically create an Expression<Func<MyClass, bool>> predicate from Expression<Func<MyClass, string>>?
+10How to replace multiple white spaces with one white space
+10Getting upper and lower byte of an integer in C# and putting it as a char array to send to a com port, how?
+10Add a certain amount of time to a current time and write it
+10Safely casting long to int in Java
+10linq where list contains any in list
+10Why can't decimal numbers be represented exactly in binary?
+10Dictionary with list of strings as value
+10C#: event with explicity add/remove != typical event?
+10Why final keyword is necessary for immutable class?
+10Help with C# generics error - "The type 'T' must be a non-nullable value type"
+10Convert CollectionBase to List or data type usable with Linq
+10How to Convert DataSet to DataTable
+10What really happens in a try { return x; } finally { x = null; } statement?
+10Missing XML comment for publicly visible type or member
+10Monitor.TryEnter / Monitor.Exit and SynchronizationLockException
+10Apply function to all elements of collection through LINQ

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