+215Tuesday, April 21
+40What does assigning a static field to an instance field not point both at the same object
+15java : Returning stream or resulting bytes
+10lambda parameter conflicting with class field on accessing field in later scope
+10How good is the C# type inference?
+10How to resolve this ambiguity in generic extension methods?
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+10Short hand If statement without else
+10Fastest way to Remove Duplicate Value from a list<> by lambda
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+10How to compare two Dates without the time portion?
+10Creating a comma separated list from IList<string> or IEnumerable<string>
+10Dynamically invoking any function by passing function name as string
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+10Performance of Object.GetType()
+10Unix time conversions in C#
+10What is the best algorithm for an overridden System.Object.GetHashCode?
+10private final static attribute vs private final attribute

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