+230Friday, January 30
+15Using LINQ expression to get previous element from a collection
+15Compare Object superclass package with Object package
+10What's the difference between a URI and a URL?
+10Why is char[] preferred over String for passwords?
+10Why can't I define a default constructor for a struct in .NET?
+10How does Java know the types of objects and data when reading them back from a file
+10how to set timer for calculate execution time
+10Get DateTime.Now with milliseconds precision
+10Distinct() with lambda?
+10call sum in expression tree
+10Group by in LINQ
+10Multiline String Literal in C#
+10How to do a join in linq to sql with method syntax?
+10Should methods in a Java interface be declared with or without a public access modifier?
+10How to define a class property with type T
+10How to convert enum value to int?
+10Like Operator in Entity Framework?
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+10Is there an Eclipse line-width marker?
+2Convert byte[] with binary data to String
+2Linq Distinct on a particular Property
-2Convert byte[] with binary data to String
-2Good reasons to prohibit inheritance in Java?

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